Irrigation Installation & Repair

Horticulture Solutions understands the importance of properly designed, installed and maintained irrigation systems. In order to protect your investment in plant material, an irrigation system must deliver exactly the right amount of water at the right time to your lawn, plants and trees. We offer reliable options and affordable technology for water conservation and efficient water distribution. Our experienced and highly qualified technicians can design and install a brand new system, upgrade an existing system, and maintain existing systems. We have installed and serviced systems of all sizes, including residential systems, large estates, and commercial properties. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers get fast, quality sprinkler installation, maintenance and repair.

Services include:

Installation - Design and build residential and commercial sprinkler systems

Maintenance - Service existing sprinkler systems and keep them working like new

Modification - Update existing irrigation systems to make them more efficient or to adapt them to new landscapes. Our service department can come out and do a system analysis that can identify changes and improvements which can increase the efficiency of your existing system.

Winterization – Prepare your system for cold weather by shutting off the water supply and draining the backflow, heads, valves and pipes

Spring Start Up – Pressurize the system, fix any existing problems, set the system to run and adjust all heads for proper coverage