Landscape Installation Services

A great design is only as good as its installation. There are several factors that result in a quality landscape installation.

SITE PREPARATION: A great landscape begins with preparation of the planting beds. After site analysis, the area (s) to be planted will be prepped for installation. Clean-up and removal are included.

QUALITY PLANT MATERIALS: Horticulture Solutions works with nurseries and suppliers of choice plant materials. Only plants that grow well in USDA hardiness Zones 6-8 are recommended. All trees and shrubs are guaranteed for one year as long as a functional irrigation system is in place and operating.

PROPER INSTALLATION: With a degreed horticulturist on staff, Horticulture Solutions has both the education and training to plant trees and shrubs the correct way. We take the extra time to remove the upper burlap and nylon string from trees to prevent future root damage. Special attention is given to preventing soil compaction during the planting process.